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Watercolour Workshops ongoing, from Autumn 2015

The act of painting transports you to another reality; you become immersed in the interaction with the paint, the water, paper and you.  Time flies, you challenge yourself and your creativity and surprise yourself over and over.  You emerge from the session a little different than you went in - you've grown somehow, let go of some stress and feel a bit 'glowy' inside.

I am leading some watercolour workshops (from autumn 2015) at HOFS, Hadleigh Old Fire Station, for beginners and intermediate painters.  HOFS is easily accessible with great facilities, light and parking.  (See below for full address.)
The first few sessions were geared towards beginners, focussing on techniques like improving washes and saving whites.  From then on I have been planning each session around a subject, which sometimes involves painting from life; photo references are always available.

The sessions are priced at an Introductory Special of £15 each.  No need to commit to a whole term (but there's a discount if you do: pay for the term up front and the last session is free).  Kindly let me know if you are planning on attending, especially if you will be needing supplies.  If you prefer to use my supplies, the price will be £20 for the session, instead of £15. A full list of things to bring is shown below, but if you don't have all these colours, just bring what you have.

Waterpots, tea, coffee and biscuits are included.
Watercolour Workshops at HOFS

How to Find HOFS:

Hadleigh Old Fire Station, High Street, Hadleigh, Essex, SS7 2PA

On the A13, six miles west of Southend-on-Sea.
Nearest stations: Benfleet, Leigh-on-Sea (on the London Fenchurch St to Shoeburyness line)
What to Bring:

Painting Supplies:- 
brushes - a large wash brush, a round, (about size 8 to 12), a smaller round for details (size 8 or smaller), (flat brush 1/2" optional) 
palette, - notepad/sketchbook, pencil (2B or more), eraser 
painting pad, block or at least three sheets of watercolour paper (A4 or larger), a support board if you have one 
watercolour paints, (I prefer the Artists' tube paints by Winsor & Newton,) 
recommended colours: Winsor (phthalo) blue (green shade), French Ultramarine, Permanent Alizarin Crimson, Cadmium Red, Cadmium Yellow, Lemon Yellow Hue, in other words a warm and cool version of each primary colour, as a basic palette, plus optional extras could be: Burnt Sienna, Permanent Sap Green, Dioxazine Purple, Permanent Rose, Quinacridone Gold, Indigo, Burnt Umber. Don'tworry if you don't have all these - just bring what you have. 
We will sometimes paint from live scenes in front of you, or if you prefer you can work from photos - bring your own if you have some you like, or I can provide a choice of reference material.

NB I can now supply SAA materials for you to buy at highly competitive prices eg Bockingford 140 lbs and 200 lbs paper.
Dates for Autumn 2017...

Tuesdays from 1 to 4 pm

12 September - Late Summer Flowers, 
26 September - Rabbits & Hares/Cats & Dogs
10 October - Harvest Mice
24 October - Autumn Hedgerows
14 November - Fish with jewelled textures
28 November - Mushrooms & Fungi
12 December - Christmas Still Life: Roses & Lace

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