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uplifting nature paintings & wearable art...

studio in Kempshot, Ja
and Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, UK

+44 (0)7591 205371

10 x 14

Portrait Info

You will be required to:

1/ Discuss the work requested, including format, medium, size, mood, number of subjects and any other features to be added. On agreement of these details, a 50% downpayment is due, (see Price List page).

2/ Be available for a photo session wearing a colour that suits you and clothes you feel comfortable in.  (No bright, large patterns.) 

3/ Be available to review photos with me, usually at the end of the photo session.

4/ Preview the finished painting for last minute tweaks, if necessary.  This can be done by email.

5/ Complete payment of balance on completion of painting.

6/ Collect painting, or provide shipping instructions (shipping is not included).

I will be available for:

1/ Initial discussion and photo session.

2/ Review of photo material session.

3/ Email images of work when almost finished.

4/ Presentation of completed painting.

5/ Advice on framing if required*

Once I have the material to work from, the painting will take approximately three weeks to complete. If you are planning for a special occasion, please note that framing usually takes an additional two weeks. 

All the art materials I use are professional archival quality.

*Assistance in choosing framing is available.  Cost of framing and/or shipping is the responsibility of the client.
If your circumstances and location do not allow the usual procedures, please call or email me to discuss viable alternatives.

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